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What Is A VA?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an independent business owner who specializes in providing professional administrative, creative and technical services that help you meet your business goals while minimizing your administrative overhead. Utilizing advanced means of communication, a VA assists you in their areas of expertise remotely and on a contractual basis.

Why use a Virtual Assistant?

As a small business owner, you probably find that you simply do not have the need–or budget–for a full time assistant. Yet, you are still overwhelmed with administrative tasks. Utilizing a VA will enable you to address your administrative challenges while freeing up your time and focus to concentrate on growing your business.

Benefits of a Virtual Assistant

Using a VA will save your company time and money and will help make your business more successful.

  • Pay only for the actual time needed to complete the administrative tasks – tracked to the minute
  • Reduce your expenses–no need to cover payroll or taxes, or pay for vacations, sick time, lunch time or time spent socializing on the clock
  • Minimize overhead costs – since a VA works remotely, you free up limited office space and resources
  • Protect your cash flow – you choose when to contract a VA, and whether to contract on an hourly or retainer basis, based on your needs
  • Eliminate administrative hassles–get the job done, with the level of professionalism you deserve, every time without worrying about training or turnover
  • Focus on your business growth – our services enable you to get the help you need so you concentrate on generating revenue and growing your business

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